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Grace for the Next Generation Ltd is a registered charity (number 1122162). It was started by Rachel Coupe, an experienced Christian children’s worker. Having discovered new ways to develop a children’s ministry, Rachel felt called to share these skills. Realising that many churches are short of volunteers, she came up with the idea of the Grace Project. The scheme is very simple: Four churches share a professional children’s worker. Each Grace Worker is experienced and trained to find practical solutions to the big issues facing children’s worker’s today. Churches which join the scheme gain both expertise and people-power.

Grace is now 13 years old. The directors are Rachel, Terry and John. Safeguarding issues can be referred to either Rachel (01332 416152) or the local church Minister/Safeguarding Officer.

Did you know?

Moral and spiritual development is already taking place at the age of two.

The majority of church members first started going to church in early childhood.

Two thirds of ten year olds now going to church will leave in the next two years.

If people do not embrace Christ as their saviour before they reach their teenage years, the chance of their doing so is slim.

Adults can return to church at any age, but many do so when they become parents themselves.

The future of the church depends upon its success in transmitting Christian commitment to the young.

(Sources: George Barna/Peter Brierley)


“Most adult Christians first learned the faith as children. The survival, flourishing, growth and future of the churches depend critically on communicating the good news of Jesus to new generations of children. When churches commit to quality provision for children and invest in some professional help then children respond in greater numbers and at greater depth. Grace is based on sound strategic thinking and good relational practice. The model it offers is one solution to the growth of the church in the twenty first century.” Venerable Bob Jackson, Church Growth Consultant

“A great advantage to joining the Project is that Grace deals with all the employment stuff – so you can spend your time supporting and directing your children’s work in other ways! ”
Leon Coates, Executive Officer, Amaze

“As a result of Grace, we have a junior church, after school club, holiday clubs, a toddler group, crafty cafe and regular family meals and social events. We rejoice that more and more children meet Jesus Christ as their Saviour and pass on the Good News to their parents, grandparents and even great grandparents.”
Rev Les Gill, Minister, Whetstone URC, Leicester

“Our Grace Worker has re-started a Christian toddler group, established regular schools work, held annual holiday clubs, hosted activity events for children and re-launched our Junior Church. Children share once more in the life of our church and come to hear the good news of Jesus.”
Rev Chris Gray, Minister, Wollaton Rd Methodist Church, Nottingham

Amaze, the association of Christian youth and children’s workers have kindly undertaken a detailed independent, detailed examination of the working of Grace for the Next Generation.

Here is a summary of their findings:

Summary of the Amaze report on Grace for the Next Generation Ltd.

Grace for the Next Generation exists to promote good quality Christian children’s work. It will help churches to reach more children and to cater for their needs. This will be done by undertaking research, providing training, mentoring and other services.

The Grace Project exists to help churches to reach children. It currently provides churches in the Midlands with a part-time, professional children’s worker. This is someone with experience, training and the skills needed to develop/sustain a successful children’s work programme.

Grace achieves what it sets out to. In every church they have worked in there has been an improvement in the ability of that church to connect with children and families in ways that meet the needs of that community. Even when Grace has moved on from a church it almost always leaves a legacy of volunteers able to continue the ministry, creating lasting links to children and families in the community.

Amaze is pleased to recommend Grace as a safe and effective solution for churches with limited resources to build up a lasting ministry with children and families.

Please download the report from Amaze: amaze-report-on-the-grace-project